Pothole Patching

Our Asphalt spraypatching repair application is designed to correct potholes, alligator cracking, shoulder problems, utility cuts, depressions, and other pavement failures. This repair process leaves a flexible patch which strengthens and fortifies the repaired area. This process is recognized as the industry's best performing repair available. Not only is the repaired area ready for immediate traffic, but WE GUARANTEE OUR RESULTS !

All repairs are extended a minimum of a 1 year guarantee against failure.

This guarantee allows Private Communities and Municipalities to S-T-R-E-T-C-H their roadway budgets by gaining 1 to 3 years on these repaired roadways and allowing them to concentrate their budget dollars on other priorities.

See for yourself the asphalt spraypatching advantage realized by our Private Community, Municipal, and DOT Customers. ASK FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION.


Pothole & Roadway Patching & Repair Process.

1) The area to be repaired is cleaned with high pressure air.

2) The area then receives a tack coat of 150 degree asphalt emulsion

3) A washed stone is then coated with the emulsion and applied.

4) The emulsion and stone mixture reaches grade.

5) A light "dust coat" is placed on the patch to dry the repair

6) The weight of the truck is used to compact the repair.

7) The repair is ready for traffic.

A closer look at the repair process