Chip Seal (Tar and Chip)

Create road surfaces over existing modified roadways, or fortify existing asphalt surfaces with an overlay, utilizing an interlocking mix of asphalt emulsions and washed stone. The result is a permanent road surface at a fraction of asphalt overlay costs.

With ever rising costs, our Customers have found that chip sealing, particularly for secondary roadways, costs approximately 40% of an asphalt overlay, and provides 75% of the wear performance. Yet another way the Pocono SprayPatching Advantage assists our Customers in stretching their roadway budgets.

"With the most updated equipment in the region, we have the ability to use the Chip Seal process as a repair application. Our equipment has the ability to create surfaces down to 6" increments. This means that long running, alligator cracked, shoulder failures routinely witnessed, can not only be cost effectively repaired, but result in a new, fortified, drive surface.


Process Chip Seal Repairs

1) Roadway is first broomed.

2) A pattern of the highest grade asphalt emulsion is applied according to existing road condition.

3) A washed aggregate stone is applied to the emulsion at a precise rate.

4) A rubber tire roller compacts the aggregate stone into the asphalt emulsion.

A closer look at the Chip Seal process